Making a Hobby That Little Bit Something More!

I have always been an arty/creative person, studying 3D-Design at university and specialising in Blacksmithing… It’s always been there, a drive to be creative!

For a while now I have been out of blacksmithing and forging artwork but that hasn’t stopped my need to create.


I started doing these watercolours as a hobby after my partner in crime bought me a brand new squeaky clean, never been touched watercolours set (you should see the state of it now!)
He knew how much I needed a creative outlet in my life, So I put all my favourite things together and started painting my childhood heroes!


The first to grace us with his presence was the one and only Iron Man (Avengers), followed by my all-time favourite, butt kickin’ gal Rogue (X-men). The rest just followed suit as and when inspiration came to me… Characters from my favourite games (Skyrim, Fallout, The Witcher and more…) to the goodies and baddies from a few of my favourite films (Alien, Predator, Silent Hill, Star Wars… the list goes on!)


I also thoroughly enjoy receiving commissions from anyone interested, they give me new exciting challenges and so if you don’t see your personal favourites please don’t hesitate to get in touch!



Creative CV

  • A Level Art and Photography at Sandbach High School and Sixth Form Centre…Ended 2009.
  • Specialised in 3D-Design at Newcastle Under Lyme College… Finished 2010.
  • BA Hons 3D-Design (specialising in Blacksmithing) at Staffordshire University… Graduated 2013.
  • Work experience with a fellow Blacksmith (sculpted steel)… 2013.
  • Blacksmithing under the name Hana Steele Forge… Left behind (But never forgotten) 2015.
  • Painted as an occasional hobby throughout… Selling the odd painting here and there.
  • Sold my first watercolour under the Hana Abstracts title in 2018.


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Hana at Work 2
Hana's Workstation
Hana's Workstation